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Tuesday 24 January 2023 21:20

Last updates strikes and cancellation public transport

News on public transport strikes.

The latest news on public transport strikes in the Netherlands New regional striked are announced. Details will follow. For the most up-to-date situation, keep an eye on the messages in the 9292 tr...

Wednesday 28 December 2022 17:14

Online purchase e-tickets public transport in Holland

E-tickets for train, bus, tram and subway in the 9292 app

Want to go to Schiphol Airport? Rotterdam? Amsterdam? Utrecht? Explore The Netherlands by public transport? That can be done easily, by using the train, bus, metro or subway. Purchase your e-ticket...

Wednesday 11 August 2021 17:40

An afforable day out by public transport

Top 10 student days out

Student life does not only consist of studying for exams and writing your thesis. You should have obtained your coveted student travel product. With your student travel product, you can travel very...